To us, Well Made Clothing is about having the best possible design, materials and details on a piece of clothing that will be cherished for years. It’s about getting that perfect feel and fit. It’s about recognising that there’s a lifecycle for every garment we make and that each part of that garment’s journey – from design to manufacture to delivery and beyond – is an opportunity to benefit everyone involved.

For us it’s about using the processes of manufacturing cotton-based garments to have a positive impact on the communities and on the environment in which we work. Crop care, water management and fair wages in Tanzania or Pakistan may seem a million miles away from a cool boutique in New York or a large print factory in London, but to us they’re all firmly interlinked. For us at Mantis World, Well Made Clothing is the only way forward if we are going to continue making product we can be proud of.

For over a decade we have been at the forefront of the ethical cotton industry and advocates of production in Africa. We have reached a tipping point and as more businesses realise sustainability is an essential part of their business model, we are seeing real change. So where’s next on our journey towards sustainability? This is our promise:

• To increase our use of sustainable fibres year on year
• To only work with mills who have ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)
• To avoid Uzbek cotton anywhere in our supply chain
• To work with reputable factories holding appropriate certification whom we have visited personally
• To keep researching more sustainable options for manufacture
• To educate and inform our industry