Introducing Well Made Magazine

This is the cover of a new Mantis World project. It’s about t-shirts or as it says in the title, well made t-shirts.

It’s not just about our tees, although they’re in there too of course. It’s about the culture of t-shirts and the people who make it interesting, people who have a passion for t-shirts and what they can say.

We’ve launched a special tumblr page dedicated to the project – The Well Made T-Shirt Club. We also held a private view / launch party for the newspaper last night. It was a great night – even our very own Matt Peters did some Djing!

The newspaper is free and will be available to read online soon. More news about where you can find it both in digital and physical form to come.

Meanwhile, maybe check out some of the t-shirt references on this amazing hand-drawn cover, created by the papers art director Berjo Mouanga and have a look at the tumblr page Feel free to follow us if you like it.