Championing gender equality on International Women’s day – and beyond

“When I founded Mantis World in 2000, I never imagined that 21 years later we would still be the only promo-wear brand that is owned by a woman. I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working alongside so many wise, talented, and dedicated women and this IWD we acknowledge the often unsung effort they make.  We are always available to “pay it forward” – helping women succeed and gain the confidence to fulfil their true potential.”

– Prama Bhardwaj

Reflecting on our history

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to reflect a little on our history as a company, and our strong emphasis on gender equality from day one. We’ve been around for 21 years, and we’re still the only brand in our industry to be headed up by a woman. Prama, our founder and CEO, built Mantis World with the belief that a better industry, and a better world is possible. Fighting inequality wherever we can is a vital part of that mission.

Some of the women of Mantis World

Comfortable and safe working environment

Our team, including senior management, is mostly female. As a company we think it’s only right that everyone’s able to work in an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable. It might seem like little things, but a focus on female friendly policies in the office makes life easier for all the members of Team Mantis World. We understand that those with children require a certain flexibility. So we are happy to have created a culture of openness and support that allows everyone to voice their feelings. Plus, the temperature in the office is certainly set to one that suits everyone!

Passion for equality

But our passion for equality doesn’t stop at home. We understand that women are at the heart of textile production. However, too often they pay the greatest price in a historically unfair industry. It’s important for us to look at every step of the supply chain. This helps us to understand how we can help women and girls throughout.

Sourcing organic cotton from farm groups

Starting with raw materials, we source our organic cotton from farm groups which connect us with local farmers. By supporting them, they are able to provide stability and opportunity to their families. Most importantly, making a huge difference for girls and women in cotton growing communities. In 2019 we switched all the cotton in our production to organic. The more we buy, the more of a difference we can make in this way.

The women in our factories

Women make up the majority of the workers in our factories around the world. We provide support for them in meaningful ways that make a significant difference to their day to day lives. Maternity pay, sick pay and assistance with childcare are solid policies that help not just women, but also their families. Every country has its own unique challenges. However, we are committed to finding solutions that encourage gender equality wherever men and women work alongside one another.

Advocating for change

We have always believed in using our voice and our platform to advocate for change. Having a seat at the table brings with it enormous privilege, and we have used this to participate in working groups tackling gender-based violence. We’re also proud to have worked on programmes with our suppliers throughout our history to encourage more women to join the workforce.

The fight for gender equality in our industry

Our fight for gender equality in our industry is just as important as any of our other beliefs. In fact, it’s all connected. In conclusion, when we treat each other, and the planet, with kindness and respect, the industry and those throughout the supply chain benefit greatly.

Happy International Women’s day from everyone at Mantis World!