Back Neck Label

We pioneered the “tear-off” label system for total personalisation 10 years ago so that our clothing can become completely yours. Our back-neck labels have a small tear-off tag with the size on one side and our style code on reverse. It’s up to you if you would like to keep it as is, sew in your own branded label alongside it or replace it entirely.

Care Label

We are obliged by law to print our name and address on our care labels. However, we do this on a tear-off label, which also includes the size, country of origin and where our cotton is grown for full traceability. It’s our customer’s choice whether to keep some or all of this information by either tearing out the entire label or simply cutting off our contact details.

Underneath our tear-off label is a satin or organic cotton wash care instruction and fibre composition label which contains all the necessary legal requirements to sell across Europe.

QR Code

We are thrilled to introduce our ground-breaking traceability and impact tech via the Mantis World Impact Calculator. We are rolling out a tear-out label featuring a QR code that any customer can scan, taking them to a “white label” microsite where they can see how much water, energy, CO2 and pesticides they have saved by choosing to buy our organic garment.

By clicking through they can also see full traceability from the raw material onwards with images of the actual facility for every step of production. Customers are also able to view some of the certifications we hold and a little bit of background of how we calculated the impact savings.

Find out more on the Impact Calculator page.