Our clothing is bulk-packed in polybags placed in unbleached cardboard boxes. As we are not a one-season fast fashion supplier, we hold deep stock which can be in our warehouse for a long time. We need to ensure our clothing is in durable packaging. For this reason, we cannot avoid polyethylene bags made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). However, what we have done is increase the number of garments in each polybag and carton, reduced the thickness of LDPE in our bags and the thickness of our cardboard boxes. We also included recycled materials in both our LDPE and cartons and have ensured that our packaging is recyclable, although this is dependent on the availability of the correct recycling centres provided by local authorities. These are simple but effective ways of reducing our use of plastics and fossil fuels.  We also promise to never individually pack any of our garments in single use plastics. We continue to research more sustainable methods of packaging and will adjust our use based on the best available data.

We recommend to read this article if you’d like to find out more about the use of polybags.