We're committed to reducing our impact at every step of the supply chain. This is why we have a zero airfreight policy and only move our orders by sea or road. Whilst this means we have to accept longer lead times on orders, we see it as a price worth paying for reducing our footprint.


Our clothing is bulk-packed in polybags, and shipped to customers in unbleached cardboard boxes. We've increased the number of garments in each bag and carton, and only use packaging materials that are either partially or fully recycled. We’ve begun the introduction of paper tape in place of plastic and have also ensured all our packaging is recyclable.


We're always on the lookout to find more sustainable methods of packaging, but for us, it's vital to protect the quality of each Mantis World garment we hold in our stock - whether it's in our warehouse for a week or a year, we want customers to be confident that their order will arrive undamaged.


We recommend to read this article if you’d like to find out more about the use of polybags.