What is In-Conversion Cotton?

In-Conversion is the cotton grown & harvested during the years between a farmer adopting full organic practices, and the farm achieving organic certification.

When a farmer decides to make the switch from conventional to Organic cotton production, he immediately starts using organic growing methods, which include eliminating all harmful pesticides & fertilisers and using GMO-free seeds, from day 1, but the road to achieving certified organic status for his farm can take up to 3 years.

In-Covnersion Graphic 5

How it helps?

During the first 2 years of this process the farm’s yields typically drop and because the harvest isn’t yet fully certified as Organic, the farmers cannot achieve the pricing premiums of organic cotton which results in a lower income.

In-Conversion Cotton provides the opportunity to bridge this gap, by allowing farmers to earn a fair price for the crops grown whilst waiting to achieve full certification. These improved market conditions provide incentive and security for those making the switch. Integrity and assurance for the consumer is provided by both GOTS & OCS, who fully recognise In-Conversion Cotton and provide separate certification processes.


Can In-Conversion cotton be certified?

  • Yes! The leading organic textile standards GOTS and OCS have both recognised the important role In­-Conversion cotton will play and provide certification to assure integrity and consumer confidence. Mantis World garments are certified to both OCS and GOTS standards. Our labels will clearly state if the garment is made with In-Conversion cotton.

What is IC2?

  • IC means In-Conversion. Two types of IC cotton are available on the market, IC1 and IC2. The numbers refer to the amount of time that the cotton has been grown organically. So IC1 means it’s one year into the process, and IC2 is two years into the process. Currently, whilst certified by OCS, IC1 cotton is not certified by GOTS. Both GOTS and OCS provide certification of IC2, which is why we will only be introducing IC2 to the range.

Why do some garments state “Organic or In-Conversion to Organic”?

  • At Mantis World we fully embrace In-Conversion Cotton in order to spread the adoption of regenerative and organic agriculture. It’s well known that we have been championing Organic cotton since bringing it to the blank garments industry in 2005, eliminating all conventional cotton from garment production in 2019. There is no discernible difference between Organic & In-Conversion to Organic Cotton fabrics, using a combination of the two allows us greater flexibility of supply chain and helps us ensure that your favourite garments are in stock.

Are garments listed as “In-Conversion to Organic” a different quality?

  • Absolutely not! In-Conversion Cotton fabric is just as soft, wearable and made to the same exacting manufacturing standards as all our garments.

Where can I learn more about In-Conversion cotton?

Many thanks to Carlotta at Textile Exchange for this fantastic infographic explaining the process of organic conversion.